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Bacheca Business is an online platform to connect businesses that offer or look for products, services, expertise, partherships, investment projects, patents, technologies, etc.

Connections are implemented through the publication of posts, to which other businesses can reply with relevant messages including information on how to continue the interaction.

In this way, users can generate new interesting business contacts, that will lead to mutually beneficial collaborations, anywhere, anytime and with minimum effort.

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All users can do the following for free:

  • register to Bacheca Business (subject to review and approval)
  • publish posts in certain categories, including searches of product/services from Italian businesses
  • view and reply to posts belonging to certain categories, including offers of product/services by Italian businesses

Your posts will be included in our weekly business newsletter, sent to more than 13,000 Italian Manufacturers.

Italian Manufacturers excel in a wide range of B2B industries, such as for instance: food and beverages; machine tools and precision mechanics; or high quality textiles. Being generally small- or medium-sized, they are the lean, flexible and reactive partners that many businesses need in the current competitive environment.

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Users that upgrade to the Bacheca Business Plus service can:

  • view all posts
  • publish posts in any category
  • reply to all posts
  • publish their posts with no obscuration and no reply lock, towards all Users and in all categories
  • use certain functions, reserved to them

Details are presented in the terms of the service for Bacheca Business Plus.

Your posts will be included in our weekly business newsletter, sent to more than 13,000 Italian Manufacturers — an invaluable gateway to the Italian market.

Bacheca Business Plus can be bought for the following periods:

  • for 1 month at €30.50 (tax included)
  • for 6 months at €109.80 (tax included)
  • for 12 months at €146.40 (tax included)

The upgrade can be bought online, after signing in to Bacheca Business.

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